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However, I must admit what's "convenient" here is the fact that both the UPDATE and the embedded SELECT criteria are the same in the method shown above.

We could then use that convenience to build a statement that updates multiple columns at a time.

I want to ensure that only modified values are updated in the database.

Is there any reason why you wouldn't obtain the entity direct and manipulate that only?

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ACF does this so it can format values when loaded based of the field type and settings.

I understand from the documentation that I need to avoid using the Value property.

Instead I think I need to use Try Update except that I don’t want to replace my whole object. After reading this blog entry on the PFX team blog: Perhaps I need to use Add Or Update and simply do nothing in the add delegate. I have tens of thousands of objects in the dictionary which I need to update every thirty seconds or so.

If you want to update the fields when the document is opened, you'll need to use a macro to accomplish the task.

Specifically, you'll need to use either an Auto Open or Auto Close macro, depending on whether you want to update the fields when the document opens or closes.