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Claudette Donat's Heritage Fashions offers some elegant Rhinestone jewelry that can just look vintage-y, or, look completely era correct- depending on design for many eras of costume.Claudette Donat's Heritage Fashions Jewelry looks stunning paired with historical costumes, vintage clothing or, contemporary clothing. Goodness knows, every Victorian lady needs one or more structured bustle for your 1870's- 1880's gowns- or any outfit requiring an "aggressive" bustle!Axel Vervoordt, a famous Belgian antiquarian credited with starting Belgian design.He authored several best selling books and lured people to Belgium to tour his private castle. Antique Sites | Antique | Shabby Chic Sites | Shabby Chic | Antique Curios Sites | Antique Curios | Storehouse Furniture Sites | Storehouse Furniture | Antique Dinnerware Sites | Antique Dinnerware | Antiques Online Sites | Antiques Online | Antique Hardware Sites | Antique Hardware What I adore about this particular photo is the presence of Christ living in her.Are you looking for drawer pulls or door knobs to finish your kitchen renovation or trunk restoration project? Nicole Madison’s Fine Furniture and Antiques offers a wide selection of antique bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, and antique furniture in mahogany and walnut.

So the puffy upper sleeves are part of the gown, but still seen when the train is worn. However you can see there is extra room, so perhaps up to 34/35" bust, 27" waist. Connelly wedding gown from 1880 sold on my website for over 00. So although it's a museum quality piece, the condition would require a conservationist. There is a tape inside the back of the skirt which gives the train the right shape. I was on the hunt for more March Madness projects and luckily I found a few. Now I know some of you are cringing at the thought of me painting this gem, but don’t too upset just yet with me just yet. Of course it’s only fun if you find stuff, am I right? Here’s what I dragged home that day: Lots of goodies! This dressing table was originally 0, but the entire store was 50% off, so I ended up paying .Now I understand why this piece had a faux stained paint job before.So…I decided to paint it: Painting it also allowed me to marry it to this mirror: This mirror did not come with this table. Check them out here: 30 Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer Furniture Makeovers I shared all the befores and afters in one place!