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"For the Stock Exchange to dig its head in the sand and say that it will be expensive for anyone but themselves to list their stocks is a foolish, hopeless cause," said Jack Lang, director of ESI Specific proposals for key rule changes drew a positive response from Tradepoint, which saw a softening of the Stock Exchange's counter-attack on the forces demanding greater competition."In its proposed changes to rule 2.1, the Exchange has accepted it no longer has a monopoly over regulating share trading.Whether or not you acknowledge to the other person that your feelings are excessive or irrational, the likelihood is that you will experience a loss of confidence in yourself as well as doubts about your own judgement and sometimes perhaps a sense of personal shame that you are not trusting the other person.You may also worry that the situation is outside your control.

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Another computer-based market, Electronic Share Information, based in Cambridge, plans to launch its own screen-based order-driven system in small capitalisation UK stocks on 7 September.Is it coming from a past experience of yours or something that your fiancé has brought from his past? I would encourage you to talk with your fiancé to let him know the boundaries you are comfortable with.Personally, having lunch with a past girlfriend and without you is something to make anyone think twice.I would say that that is the ideal, but not always the practical or realistic expectation - especially for the new girlfriend or wife.My suggestion for you would be to get real with yourself on where these feelings of insecurity are coming from.