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Sporting Forties finger waves and deep red lips, the model cut a demure figure.

The stunning royal, who split from Alex at the beginning of last year and is currently dating French comedy actor Gad Elmaleh, sported an ivory-coloured jacket which seemed to show the beginnings of a baby bump. She is married to Maxim Crewe, a partner in a private equity firm, and they have three children and live in west London. crop=2250,1266,103,19&resize=2400 2400w" /A daughter of the property tycoon Guy Dellal, Charlotte, 35, is the eldest of four; her sister Alice is a Chanel model.He was finally there, in my arms, so small, so soft, so real. We still have to discover everything about each other but I feel as if I had always known him," she told Talking about her pregnancy journey she said: "The most difficult for me were the first 3 months, as I felt really exhausted and very hormonal.