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Fantaskey makes this premise work by playing up its absurdities without laughing at them, endowing Jessica with a coolly ironic sensibility and Lucius with old-world snobberies that Jessica's girlfriends find irresistible.Jessica's laidback parents serve as foils for imperious Lucius (Can I ever again be happy in our soaring Gothic castle after walking the halls of Woodrow Wilson High School, a literal ode to linoleum?Grade 7 Up—Jessica Packwood is a normal teen attending Woodrow Wilson High School.Her mathematical nature has even given her a slightly geeky reputation, which is about to change with the arrival of Lucius Vladescu, who seems to be stalking her. This book was funny, a page turner, and filled my girl power bucket up. She also makes you forget all about your dating woes and see a hopeful future.

Whether you work alone, with friends, a teacher or adult filmmaker if you are aged 7-12 and have made a film then this category is for you.Spoiler alert (yes, already): this movie contains cheating with a penis. Obviously, this movie is not without its drama, but it delivers on the funny as well and is pretty light in tone overall.If you have a rule about not watching such films, I respect that. The same goes for the couple at the center of the film, Federica (Margherita Buy) and Marina (Sabrina Ferilli).Federica is an architect, whereas Marina is a former actress-turned-restaurateur. In fact, if you pay close attention, you’ll notice she’s got a tattoo of two female sex symbols interlocking on her hand.She spent way too much time covering up the truth about herself as an actress to stay in the closet now. She’s not out at work, though to be fair, she works in a much more conservative environment than Marina. Having been married and given birth to a son, she worries that her son’s distant attitude may have something to do with her being with a woman.