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Maryland is one of the most educated states in the U. with 36.1% of Marylanders holding a four-year degree.

If your ideal pillow talk goes beyond pet names and into deep conversation, someone from Maryland is your perfect match.

The academic and behavioral expectations for our students are discussed in greater detail within the Student Code of Conduct.In 1890, this land was sold to the Foote family, whose descendants continue to live in the house. Oral history at the church indicates that the church was a station on the Underground Railroad, and that fugitive slaves were concealed in fish crates, put on boats, and sent North to Delaware along nearby Pope Creek.The second Foote house in Coster belonged to Thomas Foote, Eliza's son. In 2001 archaeologists discovered a tunnel running underneath the church, along with pottery and other artifacts dating back to the 1850s.People from Maryland insist they don’t have an accent, so when dating a Maryland native it’s probably best to avoid mentioning it.There’s a little slur and a little nasal, but you’ll end up loving the charming mix of Southern and East Coast city.