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His research interests include corporate environmental management, international trade, and state and local economic issues.From 1990-92, Aigner served as Chair of the California Workers’ Compensation Rate Study Commission, whose work culminated in deregulation of the California Workers’ Compensation insurance market beginning in 1995.2 March 1999Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center, Memphis, Tennessee: Several patients from different car accidents; A deputy was hit responding to a call; A woman pulls out wrecks when she pulls out of a blind drive; A 16-year-old car crash patient is flown in from Forest City, NC; A man from Florence, Alabama, is flown in after a car crash. Vincent's Hospital, New York City: A man falls 40 feet and becomes wedged between two buildings; A carjacking victim has been held in a car for 24 hours; Nightclub shooting; Stabbings; A spat between two former lovers sends both the the Emergency Room; A 60-year-old man is hit by a car; One man is hit by a subway train; Drunks.21 September 1999San Francisco General: A woman suspected of overdosing has a rapidly spreading leg infection; A man and his wife have been in an accident; A pregnant woman collapses on a bus; A man was stabbed in the head with an umbrella; A man is stabbed with a knife; A 26-year-old man is found naked directing traffic; A pedestrian has been hit by a car; A man has been stabbed by his brother; An 800-pound statue falls on the foot of a mover; A 60-year-old man wrecks while drunk.He received his BS and Ph D degrees in Agricultural Economics from the University of California, Berkeley and holds an MA in Applied Statistics from that same institution.He was on the teaching faculties at the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin-Madison prior to his appointment at USC in 1976.And as the show begins its season tonight—with a thirteenth and fourteenth already in the works—Philly's finest are showing no signs of stopping.

2 February 1999Elvis Presley Memorial Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee: A man from rural Mississippi has been injured by the fan blade of a truck he was working on; Two patients from unrelated shootings; A drunk who has been hit in the nose; A truck driver gets stuck in a creek for six hours after he swerves to avoid a downed power line; A patient who has t-boned another car; A man is injured when two semis collide.Tak No neviem ci to niekoho bude zaujimat ale tu je moj Bežecké plan ktory som trenujem na 1000m trat teda trenoval som teraz sa sustredim na kratsiu trat. deň 8 až 10 km pri čom v každom 4 kole 125m šprint (to jest pol kolesa pri 250m okruhu.) 2. jún 09 Tlak na lavicke prve z 28kg a potom z 46kg len po jednu seriu (skusal som) Mrtvý tach 3 serie z 57kg Drep 3 serie z 37kg Tlak na ramen 3 serie z 16kg Pritach v predklone 3 serie z 22kg Biceps z jednoruckami 3 serie z 8kg a doma som spravil este 3x10 kliky a brusaky z 5kg zavazim 3x20A co som sa vazil mam 7Okg a vyska je 183cm zacinam svicit mam 15 zachvilu 16 rokov a uvidme co stoho bude nechem brat ziaden protein ani nic podobne len cisto veci ktore obsahuju co najviac ptrebnycch veci na rast svalov Dnes som bol uz v posilke aj z riadnim zatazenim sice to neni nic moc ale tak treba neako zacat 12.deň 6 až 8 km pri čom v každom 2 kole 125m ale iba v prvych 4 km 3. 29 September 1998King/Drew Medical Center, Los Angeles: A 17-year-old is shot four times in a drive-by; A woman brings in a six-month-old who had choked on a banana; An 86-year-old man suffering from emphysema is admitted with breathing problems; A drunk thinks he is dying; A woman injures her hand working on a school bus; A man falls off the running board of his father's cart; A suspected drug dealer is shot by a cop who is under investigation himself; 17 November 1998King/Drew Medical Center, Los Angeles: A woman who says she is only five months pregnant goes into labor; A five-year-old has bumped his head on a door; A man has been stabbed in the chest by his girlfriend; A two-year-old has hooked a coat hanger in her mouth; A man has a nasty cut from a drunken brawl; An 18-month-old child sneaks through a hole in a fence and falls into a swimming pool; Another man has been stabbed by his wife.5 January 1999Albuquerque, New Mexico: Two septuagenarian newlyweds are injured in a car accident; A five-year-old boy is hit by a car while running to an ice cream truck; A body is found in a burned semi on I-40; A rodeo rider breaks his scapula; A 20-year-old wrecks his motorcycle birthday gift; A head-on collision results in one several people being treated; man driving a van is injured in a head-on collision; A seven-year-old child is injured by a .22 in an accidental shooting.