Toradora dating sim

Like your average high school boy, Ryosuke Kaga can’t stop thinking perverted thoughts. Anyway, on his way home from school, he sees a beautiful red-haired girl standing all alone in the rain outside of his house.

Yes, they may have debunked the theory that men think about sex every seven seconds, but that’s only because nobody studied this kid.

You wanna peek up my dress, so we can have a little fun With some pretty flower bombs, and a giant shotgun? ) When I’m on a blood trail, you better answer what I ask. No sooner As it turns out, her name is Lisara, and she’s a grim reaper…

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We’ve seen some pretty great examples of that in anime before (my personal favourite being cheated me out of some potentially hilarious moments.Which works out perfectly, because without that power, she gets her ass kicked faster than Lina Inverse on her period, losing her clothes in the process. Was produced by a company called feel, and while I’d love to say some smart-sounding words about their track record and production history, I’ve never actually heard of this company before.At first glance, you’d think this was the perfect set-up for an ecchi fanservice series… We’ll get to the meat of this review in a few paragraphs, but for the moment, I must give credit where credit is due. They’ve done in-between animation on a few shows I’ve seen, but up until now, the only show they’ve directly produced and animated that I’ve actually seen was Corpse Princess… I can’t say anything about feel, but whatever their eternally lower-cased history may be, this show is drop dead gorgeous.You could certainly do worse this season, but I can’t imagine even slice-of-life fans would find this particularly gripping.It’s not necessarily unrealistic – I’ve witnessed plenty of people here, from students to office workers, use convenience stores as a meetup or even hangout spot – but compelling it definitely ain’t.