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Illinois has chipped away at its history of using Native American imagery at sporting events.

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And why would you want to spend time with a guy who idolizes someone you don’t like? Dudes know that hats are, at best, tricky and should thus generally be avoided. Baseball caps and beanies are one thing — cowboy hats are fine too, provided that the dude in question is an actual cowboy — but anything else (fedoras, Kangols, and trappers to name but a few) is just the cherry on top of a big shit sundae. I don’t care what a guy says, if he’s not an Inuit living in the Arctic, the reason he’s wearing that fur coat is that he thinks it makes him look like a pimp — aka a man who enslaves and traffics women and children for sex. A man like that needs constant validation to feel good about himself, his relationships, his job, etc., and if he doesn’t get it, he’s going to act out. This is not a matter of opinion, but a cold, hard fact.

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Apart from appropriating the work of others, we have no freedom except to fill your pockets?

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A balding blond in high-waist pants stares blankly at Joanna during the porn star pitch, then continues with the same bit he used on the previous woman, about a job he once had at Warner Bros answering letters as Bugs Bunny.

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